Thursday, February 19, 2015

Programming Devices for Step7

Field PG
An industry-standard programming device. The Field PG is powerful and easy to
use, especially for maintenance and service. It is also appropriate for
programming and configuration - the ideal tool for shop floor applications.
• Dimensions in Notebook format
• 2 hour battery operation
• AT-compatible
• TFT color display
• Equipped with all necessary SIMATIC interface ports

Power PG
A portable programming device, ideal for all applications in an automation
project. It is also an extremely powerful, industry-standard PC.
• High-level system performance
• Excellent expansion facilities
• TFT color display
• Highly rugged design
• Equipped with all the necessary SIMATIC interface ports

A hand-held programming device is also available for programming the
S7-200™ in STL (Statement List). This programming device is the PG702 =
approximately 230 grams, 144 x 72 x 27mm, 2 lines x 20 character LC display.

PG/PC Requirements for Installing STEP7

Operating system: Windows (all, except Win 3.1 and 3.11)
95/98 ME NT 2000/XP
Processor >= 80486 >= P150 >= Pentium >= P233
RAM >= 32 MB >= 64 MB >= 32 MB >= 128 MB
Memory on the Hard Drive: depending on the installation, between 200 MB and 380 MB
plus 128 to 256 MB minus the working memory for Windows Swap File
Mouse: yes
Interfaces: CP5611 (PCI) or
CP5511 / CP5512 (PCMCIA) or
PC adapter
Programming interface for Memory Card (optional)