Monday, February 16, 2015

Simatic Step7 - 200

• Modular small control system for the lowest performance range.
• Performance-graded range of CPUs (up to 8KB memory, 8-40 integrated
 I/O points onboard the CPU).
• Each CPU available in either 24 VDC or 120 VAC - 230 VAC supply voltage
• Expandable design with up to seven expansion modules depending on CPU
(none with CPU 210 or CPU 221).
• Extensive module selection. Note: Combined use of CPUs and modules of
the S7-21x series with those of the S7-22x series is NOT possible!
• CPU connected to modules by flexible integrated ribbon cables (S7-22x
series) and by bus connectors (S7-21x series).
• Network-capable with - RS 485 communication interface (Not CPU 210)
- PROFIBUS slave (CPU 215 or CPU 222 or
• Central PG/PC connection with access to all modules.
• No slot restrictions
• Uses its own S7 Micro/WIN32 software, therefore, STEP 7™ not required.
• “Total Package” (brick) with power supply, CPU and integrated I/O all in
• Password protection of user program - 3 levels.

Simatic Step7 - 200 Modules S7-21x series
Expansion Modules (EM)
• Digital input modules:
Modules (EM) - 24 VDC
- 120/230 VAC
• Digital output modules:
- 24 VDC
- Relay
• Analog input modules:
- Voltage
- Current
- Resistance
- Thermocouple
• Analog output modules:
- Voltage
- Current
CPUs of the S7-21x series can only be extended with expansion modules of the
S7-21x series. Note: Combined use of the S7-21x series with the S7-22x series
is NOT possible

Communications Processors (CP)
You can use the CP 242-2 to significantly increase the number of inputs/outputs
Processors (CP) of the SIMATIC S7-200™ (S7-21x series). The CP acts as a master to an
actuator and sensor interface (AS-Interface). As a result, 31 AS-Interface slaves
can control up to 248 binary elements.

Bus connector (S7-21x series only)