Monday, February 16, 2015

Simatic Step7-200 CPU Design S7-22x Series

Mode Selector
For manual mode selection:
STOP = Stop mode, the program is not executed.
TERM = Program execution, read/write access possible from PG.
RUN = Program execution, read-only access possible from PG.

Status Indicators (LEDs)
SF = Group error; internal CPU fault; red
RUN = Run mode; green
STOP = Stop mode; yellow
DP = PROFIBUS-DP ( only CPU 215)

Memory Card
Slot for memory card. A memory card saves the program contents in the event
of a power outage without the need for a battery.

PPI Connection
The programming device, text display, or another CPU is connected here,
except for CPU 210 that is programmed in a programming system (PDS210)
and then transferred to each CPU via a memory submodule.
Higher end CPUs contain two ports allowing the programming device and text
display to be connected at the same time.