Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Step7 Simatic Manager

When you take a closer look at a process you want to automate, you will find
that it is made up of a multitude of smaller sections and sub-processes, which
are all interlinked and dependent on one another.
The first task is therefore to break down the automation process as a whole into
separate sub-tasks.

Hardware and Software
Each sub-task defines certain hardware and software requirements which the the automation system must fulfill:
• Hardware:
- Number and type of inputs and outputs
- Number and type of modules
- Number of racks
- Capacity and type of CPU
- HMI systems
- Networking systems
• Software:
- Program structure
- Data management for the automation process
- Configuration data
- Communication data
- Program and project documentation.

In SIMATIC STEP7 all the hardware and software requirements of an automation
process are managed within a project.
A project includes the necessary hardware (+ configuration), network
(+ configuration), all the programs, and the entire data management for an
automation solution.

Imatic Step7 Project Structure

The multiproject folder is the folder for all projects and libraries of an automation
solution that contains one or more STEP7 projects and optionally, also libraries.
That way, the complete solution can be divided into individual, easy to follow
projects. The projects within the multiproject can contain objects with crossproject
interrelations (such as cross-project Step7 connections).

Project Structure
Data is stored in a project in the form of objects. The objects in a project are
arranged in a tree structure (project hierarchy). The tree structure displayed in
the project window is similar to that in the Windows Explorer. Only the icons for
the objects are different.

Project Hierarchy
1st. Level:
The first level contains the project icon. Each project represents a
database where all the relevant project data are stored.
2nd. Level:
• Stations (such as the Step7 - 300™ station) are where information
about the hardware configuration and parameter assignment
data of modules is stored.
Stations are the starting point for configuring the hardware.
• Step7 Program folders are the starting point for writing
programs. All the software for a parameter-assignable
module from the Step7 range is stored in an Step7 Program
folder. This folder contains further folders for the program
blocks and sources.
• Subnets (MPI,Profibus, Industrial Ethernet) are part of an
overall network.
3rd. and subsequent levels: Depends on the object type of the next-higher level.