Thursday, February 19, 2015

STEP7 Tools

SIMATIC  Manager
The SIMATIC  Manager manages the STEP7 projects. It is the main program
and also appears on the WINDOWS desktop.

"STEP7 - Readme" provides detailed information about the version, installation
procedure, etc.

Tool for writing STEP 7 user programs in the "Ladder Diagram", "Statement List"
or "Function Block Diagram" programming languages

Memory Card Parameter Assignment.
You can save your user programs on EPROM cards by either using the programming device or an external prommer.Different drivers are required, depending on the application

Configuring Networks
Network configuration is discussed in the chapter on "Communication".

Setting the PG-PC Interface
This tool is used for setting the local node address, the transmission speed and the highest node address in the MPI network.

PID Control Parameter Assignment
The basic STEP7 software package also includes blocks for solving PID closed-loop) control problems. You choose "PID Control Parameter Assignment" to start the program for assigning parameters to the closed-loop control blocks.

Converting S5 Files
STEP5 programs can be converted into the corresponding STEP7 programs
with the help of the S5/S7 converter

Configure SIMATIC Workspace
This option provides facilities for configuring multi-user systems.

Converting TI Files
SIMATIC TI programs can be converted into the corresponding STEP7 program
with the help of the TI/S7 converter.

Setup of a Training Area with Simatic Step7 - 300

Contents of the Training Kit
The training kit consists of the following components:
• An S7-300™ programmable logic controller with CPU 314 or CPU 315-DP
• Digital input and output modules, analog modules
• Simulator with digital and analog sections
• Conveyor model

It is quite possible that your training area is not equipped with the conveyor
model shown in the slide above, but rather with the conveyor model
pictured below.