Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simatic Step7 - 400

• The power PLC for the mid to upper performance range
• Performance-graded range of CPUs
• Extensive selection of modules
• Expandable design to over 300 modules
• Backplane bus integrated in the modules
• Can be networked with - Multipoint interface (MPI),
- Industrial Ethernet
• Central PG/PC connection with access to all modules
• No slot restrictions
• Configuration and parameter setting with the help of the "HWConfig" tool
• Multicomputing (up to four CPUs can be used in the central rack )

Simatic Step7 - 400 Modules

Signal Modules (SM)
• Digital input modules: 24 VDC, 120/230 VAC
• Digital output modules: 24 VDC, Relay
• Analog input modules: Voltage, current, resistance, thermocouple
• Analog output modules: Voltage, current.

Interface Modules (IM)
The IM460, IM461, IM463, IM467 interface modules provide the connection between various racks:
• UR1 (Universal Rack) with up to 18 modules
• UR2 (Universal Rack) with up to 9 modules
• ER1 (Expansion Rack) with up to 18 modules
• ER2 (Expansion Rack) with up to 9 modules.

Function Modules (FM)
Perform "special functions":
• Counting
• Positioning
• Closed-loop control.

Communication Processors (CP)
Provide the following networking facilities:
• Point-to-Point connections
• Industrial Ethernet.

Simatic Step7-400 CPU Design

Fault LEDs
LEDs for the CPU‘s statuses and faults, both internal and external

Slot for
With the S7-400™ CPUs you can, depending on your requirements, insert RAM
or flash EPROM cards as external load memory :

Memory Cards
• RAM cards are available with a capacity of:
64KByte, 256KByte, 1MByte, 2MByte.
The CPU battery backs up the contents.
• Flash EPROM cards are available with a capacity of:
64KByte, 256KByte, 1MByte, 2MByte, 4MByte, 8MByte, 16MByte.
The contents are backed-up on the integrated EEPROMs.

Mode Selector
MRES = Memory reset function (Module RESet)
STOP = STOP mode, that is, no program execution and output disabled
("OD" mode = Output Disabled).
RUN = Program execution, read-only access possible from PG.
RUN-P = Program execution, read/write access possible from PG.

MPI / DP Interface
MPI / DP interface (parameter-assignable in HW-Config) for
• establishing the online connection to the programming device
• connecting to distributed peripherals (DP)
• data exchange with other stations (S7 Communication)

DP Interface
For connecting to distributed peripherals (DP, only for CPUs with 2 interfaces)

Additional external battery socket for a 5 VDC to 15 VDC source to back up the
RAM when the power supply is being replaced.